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Surf for More Math

Lesson 1 - Counting Equal Groups

To encourage students to have fun on the Web while learning about Counting Equal Groups, here are some games and interactive activities they can do on their own or in pairs.



Skip count to count objects in equal groups.

Represent equal groups with repeated addition.


Instructions for Use


Grouping lets students practice grouping objects to make them easier to count and to show how the same quantity of objects can by grouped in different ways.

To use Grouping, you must first download it. Click on “Download as Macromedia Flash file”. A popup will appear. Select “Open with” and click “Browse...” Select Internet Explorer or Firefox from the list of programs. Click OK. If your browser gives you a security warning, allow the blocked content to run.

To use the activity, click on the first number in the equation to show the number of counters. Click the up arrow to increase the number, and the down arrow to decrease the number. Click on the second number in the equation to determine the group size. Click the equals sign to show the solution to the equation. Click on the coloured button to select a counter type from the fly-up menu. Then click on the first number in the equation to show the symbols in the work area. Click on the symbols and they turn colour and form groups at the number line as determined by the amount of the divisor. Click the "Reset" button to start again.


I Know That lets students skip count using repeated addition.

To use I Know That, enter your registration information and click ‘Submit’, or click on ‘Maybe Later’ in the bottom middle of the screen to proceed to the activity. Click on the "Give Me a Problem" button on the scratch pad. Problems are presented on the PDA screen.

Use the counters (below the trashcan) to make sets and practice skip counting. Click and drag the counters in or out of the counter box, the corresponding number is displayed in the "How many?" box.

Counters are shown in the counter box (the main workspace) along with the total number in the set. To change the number of counters in the box, drag numbers in or out of the counter box; or click on one of the numbers above the counter box.

To use the Counter group, (below the counters), click on a number to select the counter group to use in skip counting. When students click on one of the numbers in the counter group, the counter group changes and the corresponding number sequence is displayed.

Click on one of the numbers (the line above the trashcan) to change the set of counters in the counter box, and the number displayed in the "How many?" box.

Click the "New" button to clear the scratch pad and select a different counter.

To remove counters from the counter box, click and drag them into the trashcan.